Local Hawaiian Raw Honey- 6oz Bear


Locally sourced raw honey from various Big Island, Hawaii locations.
Tropical blends may come from one or more of these plants: macadamia nut, lehua blossom, noni, christmas berry, mango, lychee, rambutan, papaya, and more! The beekeepers we work with cannot keep too close tabs on the "free ranging" bees, so it's always a little different depending on what flowers are blooming. But over the last 2 years of our sampling each batch of honey, we've never been disappointed. :)

All are rich and have good depth of flavor, only warmed ever so slightly to be removed from the comb, so it still contains the natural raw enzymes.
Our Hawaiian honey makes a great substitute for refined sugar in things like coffee, tea, drizzled onto fruits, cereals, and baked goods, or added into smoothies! We've also used it for more savory dishes like lilikoi (passion fruit), chili pepper and honey glazed salmon, and in teriyaki sauce.

There is some confusion about shipping raw honey to and from Hawaii, but those are just myths, and shipping is entirely legal as long as no live insects are along for the ride.

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*Note: the cacao beans may have a dusty whitish look and feel to them which is not mold. It can be due to remnants of the fresh pulp that has mostly been fermented, sundried, and roasted away; or dust created as the beans rub against each other. We eat it all the time, but if you are concerned, the roasted skin can be peeled off revealing the dark brown cacao bean inside ready to consume. :)


Some FAQs:

Q: Does your cacao contain caffeine?
A: Very very minutely to the point of basically being "no." Cacao instead has theobromine, which is a mild stimulant (hence some people feeling a chocolate buzz!). Theobromine's stimulant level normally falls between black tea and coffee, but affects each person a little differently.

Q: I have a gluten allergy. Are your products gluten free?
A: YES! It boggles our mind that anyone puts gluten into chocolate! I mean, we understand why, but we believe in simple and real foods, so we don't ruin it with any additives, fillers, or preservatives that can cause allergic reactions like sulfites (contained in many dried fruits).

Q: Will you ship outside the USA?
A: Since we sell foods we have kept sales within the US, but as we learn about different shipping regulations and costs we will begin to expand shipping select products to other parts of the world.

Q: Will you ever sell your chocolates online?
A: We hope to at some point! The lack of preservatives means the chocolate would have to be shipped fast. Unless you are a chocoholic perfectly happy dipping your face into a big melty bag of messy goodness! ;) Thus far we have not been able to guarantee any purchases arriving in good condition. But with FedEx now being an Etsy shipper we may be able to offer game changing 2-Day shipping. :)

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